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Mini Snow Guard Bundle: Guard, Gasket & Screws

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How Many Snow Guards Do I Need?

The BEST DEAL on the #1 selling snow guard in the industry!
Revolutionary to the industry. Our Mini Snow Guard with patent pending channel and extended strengthening gussets is constructed of 100% virgin high-grade polycarbonate. The bundle also includes a Perfect Seal Gasket and (3) of our #10 All-weather coated neoprene washered screws. The #1 selling snow guard in the industry at an amazing price.

Includes: Mini Snow Guard, Perfect Seal Gasket & #10 All-Weather Coated Neoprene Screws with Washers

Snow Guard: 1.5”W x 4”L x 2”H
Seal Gasket: 1.5”W x 4”L
Screw: 1.5”L

For all roof pitches and average/extreme winter snowfalls. Fits all metal roofs.

Installs 60% faster with the Perfect Seal Gasket. No Silicone needed. Can be installed in any temperature, which makes it great for mid-winter season installations.

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6 reviews for Mini Snow Guard Bundle: Guard, Gasket & Screws

  1. John Gula

    Good Product easy to install

  2. Frank M.

    Super fast to install. Well designed! Love not having to mess around with the silicone anymore.

  3. John Brown

    Installs quick and easy. This is a lifesaver on the job site!!

  4. A1 Construction

    Recieved the Mini Snow Guard and gaskets! Love the product!!!

  5. Brim224

    I was very pleased by how easy these installed! Easy directions to follow.

  6. kenneth gentry

    I have roofing in alaska over 27 years.i am installing them on a roof today .I have installed other brands over the years.But snow guard is a very sturdy product that is easy to install.no caulk no mess.And you cant beat the price.

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