Our Metal Roof Snow Guards attach to roof structures in a variety of ways in order to prevent snow from sliding down the roof, which can be hazardous to both pedestrians and your property. Commonly referred to as Snow Cleats, Snow Brackets, Snow Jacks, Snow Blox, and Snow Stops, they are designed specifically to reduce the movement of snow and ice by controlling the rate at which the snow masses melt and break into smaller and safer sections. Don’t underestimate the destructive potential of heavy snow and ice!

What is the installation process?

If Installing With The Perfect Seal Gasket:

  1. Simply place the gasket in the grooved channel on the base of the Snow Guard and set the Snow Guard in place to be screwed down.
  2. Place the Snow Guard perpendicular to roof slope with flat front facing toward the ridge. Insert 3 or 4 (depending on Snow Guard) Neoprene Washered #10 sheet metal screws into the corresponding screw holes. Screw through the Snow Guard into a structural support. (Example: perlin, sub-roof) Use a 1/4″ socket to tighten screws to cause approximately 50% compression of the neoprene washer.
  3. You can install the Snow Guard with the Perfect Seal Gasket in any weather condition or temperature.

If Installing With Silicone:

  1. Clean the roof surface with household isopropyl alcohol where the Snow Guards are to be attached. Let the cleaning liquid fully dry before beginning installation of the Snow Guards.
  2. Apply Silicone sealant on the base of the Snow Guard, creating a heavy bead around the base perimeter. Ensure that when the Snow Guard is set in place, the sealant will uniformly create an adequate squeeze-out seal around the entire perimeter.
  3. Check to ensure the Silicone has squeezed out around the entire perimeter. Run a bead of Silicone in areas that may have any voids. With a rubber glove on, smooth the sealant around the edge of the Snow Guard creating a weather tight seal.

**Check silicone packaging for curing times and conditions.

What makes Snow Guard Direct's Seal Gasket revolutionary?

The industry standard for snow guard installation has always been with the use of silicone. The Perfect Seal Gasket System eliminates the need for silicone during the installation process. No mess, no clean up – the PSGS offers a water tight seal every time with a 60% faster installation time. Say good bye to silicone!

How many Snow Guards do I Need?

The number of snow guards you need is based on several factors. How long is your roof? What is span of your roof from bottom to peak? What is the average amount of snow you get per year? Having the proper number of snow guards on your roof is important for keeping snow in its place as well as dispersing the snow load properly across you roof structure. We offer a convenient quantity calculator on our product pages to help you determine the correct number of snow guards to purchase.

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