Call me old fashion or a traditionalist but, I love to visit old factories and see how products from years gone by where made. There’s something about seeing grease stains on the floor, worn work benches, and that smell of manufacturing – it squares my shoulders. In today’s world products are made and packaged all over the world. We find ourselves in an ongoing position where we are willing to sacrifice quality, craftsmanship, and origin of creation in order to save a dollar. It’s the nature of the world we live in.

I don’t know about you, but I find myself looking more and more to find products made in the USA. I find great reward in purchasing a product that was manufactured in the United States. The thoughts of another fellow countryman laboring, innovating, and producing goods with excellence is just awesome. Hard work, sweat… this is what the American dream is built on. At Snow Guard, we pride ourselves on showing up each day to create an awesome product. We’re just everyday people giving everything we have to produce a product we can stand behind. Every Snow Guard you purchase is held, inspected, packed, and shipped by an employee of Johnson County, Tennessee. Here are three things to think about when considering the Snow Guard:

  1. Every part of our product, from material to packaging is from a US company.
  2. We manufacture the Snow Guard and Gasket right in Mountain City, TN. Feel free to stop by and see it any time.
  3. We’re partnered with Food For The Hungry. A portion of every Snow Guard sold goes towards supporting a child in our supported region, Apastepe, Nicaragua.

Don’t just buy a product, buy a story. Be a part of making another factory with worn down benches and grease stained floors. It’s who we are.

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